The most awesome bar EVER.

My nifty little map pointed me up a street called Calle Hortaleza to this unassuming bar called Areia.  I arrived there in the early afternoon and wasn’t even sure if the place was open.  But I tugged on the turquoise wooden door and it gave way.  To my shock and pleasant surprise my feet, adorned in flip-flops, landed on sand.  The entire floor was covered in soft golden sand!  It was an indoor beach – in the middle of the city – over 200 miles from the ocean!

They call it a chill out bar and I can see why.  You can’t help but chill out in here.  The lighting was soft and the ceilings were draped in richly colored fabrics with hanging lanterns.   The bar was painted a vibrant turquoise green.  There were large pillows with a Moroccan motif propped up along the wall on rugs on the sand, so you could completely stretch out, take off your shoes and stick your toes in the sand.  Ahhh…

Yep, those are my feet, just chillin’ out.

This place was awesome.  In fact, if I ever decide to open up a bar, this is exactly how the bar would be.  It was fun to watch the expressions of people as they walked through the door – looks of total surprise and amazement as they gaze down at their feet, then big smiles as if they just stumbled into the best kept secret on the planet.  And I’m not just talking about tourists – I briefly chatted with a local who said he had heard of this place but just found it for the first time.  I have a feeling he will be back – and hopefully so will I.

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