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No matter where I am in the world, no matter how long it’s been since I’ve been home, one statement will always be true: I’m from Texas. So true that I have the state tattooed on my right hip – that unmistakable shape colored in like the Texas flag, the iconic lone star twinkling. One mentality most Texans share is an identity as a Texan first, American second – though not all permanently brand themselves.

My life, though conventional in many ways, has also been a series of quirky moments. Case in point:

As a 12-year-old kid, I convinced my neighborhood friends in Houston to join me in a parade down our street, all dressed as different ingredients of a hamburger, to spoof the famous “Where’s the beef?” Wendy’s commercial.  We all lined up and paraded down the sidewalk – with my 8-year-old sister tailing at the end holding a sign that declared, Where’s the beef?!! – waving to all the bewildered drivers that passed us. I have no idea how I got everyone to agree to this, or why, but it makes for a funny story – not to mention the look on my mom’s face at the moment she realized these were her children she was passing on the road.

I love animals, all kinds – even the creepy crawly kinds. I’ve had snakes, lizards, a salamander, insects, turtles, and a tarantula for a pet at one time or another. Many of these pets were obtained during family road trips – my Dad would spot an animal crossing the highway, swerve to miss it, then pull over to catch it. He always kept a small cage in the station wagon, just in case. I thought this was fatherly love at its best. My mom and little sister – not so much.

I’m 43 years old and still love the Muppets.

People tell me I’m personable and outgoing – though many times I feel slightly awkward and a bit shy. I tend to ignore those feelings and try to connect with other people. I feel happiest when I’m drinking a beer with friends at a backyard party or around a campfire, engaged in good conversation.

I hardly ever feel like I know what I’m doing. But I am beginning to realize that this is the case for a lot of people.

A career opportunity for my husband propelled us, as well as our two large dogs and one feisty cat, from Texas to Budapest, Hungary in June of 2012. That was a summer full of upheaval and change – change I wasn’t emotionally ready for but needed. Selling almost everything I owned to move to a country I had never been to was the toughest thing I have ever done to date. But that move stimulated my creative side. My passion for photography, a hobby that began in my twenties, took shape – my camera goes almost everywhere with me now.

The travel we have been able to do since our relocation – 17 different countries visited in the past 3 years – has also sparked my joy for writing. As of now we are living just south of Dublin, Ireland – exploring a new country and culture, giving me even more to write about.

You can reach me at alisakennedy11@gmail.com – thanks for stopping by!

-Alisa Kennedy

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kelly Q

    You are so talented in your writing and your mothers penchant for capturing the moment on “film” has also followed you! Shanti and I look forward to many more posts! We still need to shoot that video!

    The Quisenberry’s

  2. Beachbums1

    I stumbled onto your blog while searching Ireland. We traveled to Ireland last year and I’m hoping to return again soon. Will be following along your Irish adventure…

  3. PT

    HI Alisa-
    I recently came across your blog while researching an upcoming trip to Budapest! It’s great and we cant wait to visit soon! I have a question that I’m hoping you might be able to answer – am I am able to book a train from budapest to bad goisern? Can I just do this once I am there? The MAV site is difficult to navigate and doesnt show prices.

    1. Alisa


      Thanks for checking out my blog! I looked at the MAV site and there are trains from Budapest to Bad Goisern (which I’ve been to, by the way, and that whole area of Austria is AMAZING). There are trips where you only have to change trains once, some of the trips you have to change up to four times. But you are right, the site isn’t giving a price for some reason. You can see the price for some trips, like going to Vienna for instance. Anyways, you can just go to any of the three train stations here in Budapest and buy your ticket at the international ticket office (there’s an office for regional/local trains and an office for trains traveling out of Hungary), that is what I would do. I’ve bought them right before the train left and I’ve bought the day before. You never know, sometimes there is a line and if you are cutting it close, you could miss the train and have to wait for the next one. Other times there is no line at all and you can just walk up, get your ticket and hop on the train.

      Hope this helps and enjoy your visit to Europe!

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