Foto Friday: Cows on Ice


winter in West Texas

The date was January 2, 2010, the day after I got engaged. We had taken a road trip with friends – driving from Austin, TX to Santa Fe, NM – for the purpose of ringing in the new year. Little did I know that my boyfriend had another agenda in the works.

And as I sat in the back seat on the drive home through West Texas, snuggling up to my fiancĂ© and admiring how my newly acquired ring sparkled – a round light blue sapphire encircled by tiny diamonds – we came across a field covered in ice. We were somewhere outside of Abilene, and the landscape was a frozen winter wonderland – the trees, every branch and leaf, every blade of grass, was coated in glistening ice.

We pulled over so I could get a few photos of the ice storm, an event you don’t see too often in Texas. All of the sudden a herd of cows in the field rambled towards me, the frozen grass crunching under their hooves as they walked, a barbed wire fence the only thing separating us. They stood there staring at me, seeming very curious as to why I was standing out here in this freezing weather.

But I like to think they actually wandered over to congratulate me.

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3 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Cows on Ice

  1. Mom

    Looks like we are going to have some of those icy conditions today in the Texas Hill Country! I remember the story around your engagement very well — especially because we got to watch Ross propose to you via a Santa Fe webcam. Another great story! Mom

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