The Mirrors of Downtown Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas downtown

Visiting my hometown of Austin, Texas this past week – after being away for over a year – has been a real treat. This town is evolving quickly into a bona fide city and the ever-changing skyline is dominated by construction cranes and skyscrapers. But one thing about Austin will never change – the big sky.

As I strolled through downtown, crisscrossing along 2nd and 3rd streets and up and down Congress Ave, I looked up. Austinites can’t help but look up these days, amazed at the number of high-rise condos that have gone up in the past few years. We reminisce over the time when the Frost Bank Tower – a 33-floor glass office building constructed in 2003 with an uncanny resemblance to an owl – was the tallest building by far, looming over us all and watching us with its futuristic owl eyes. But today the Frost Tower isn’t nearly as impressive, as far as size goes – it looks squat in relation to all the newer skyscrapers (but it’s still very cool).

And as I looked up, the big blue sky of Texas was everywhere – mirrored reflections in all the glass of those new fancy schmancy skyscrapers. It was stunning. I didn’t have my camera on me, only my iPhone 5, but that didn’t seem to matter much. A sky like this refuses to be ignored.

Frost Bank Tower, Austin, Texas

The Frost Bank Tower



Downtown Austin

The Frost Tower reflected.


Austin,Texas downtown

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3 thoughts on “The Mirrors of Downtown Austin, Texas

  1. Jamie Gardner

    These are awesome, Alisa! I pass by these buildings all the time but you’ve made me see them in a new light. Love it!

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