Photo Editing: Wicklow, Ireland

Over this past weekend, I piled the dogs in the car and headed south of Dublin to the town of Wicklow. While Murphy and Grover roamed around and sniffed new smells, I pulled out the camera to see if I could capture anything interesting.

Photo editing is fun – I like it just as much as shooting. While I certainly didn’t take any award-winning photographs that day, here is my favorite – edited in color and in black and white.

I’m curious – which version do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

Photo editing - Wicklow, Ireland

Photo editing - Wicklow, Ireland

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4 thoughts on “Photo Editing: Wicklow, Ireland

  1. Ross

    I think the color version shows more interestingly. I find the composition of a black and white works best when the portrait is stark (highly contrasted) – where here the pops of blues and reds of the boats are what makes this photo great.

  2. Janice Edgin

    Alisa, I like both the current photos. The color picture is quite bright and pretty, even though the darker clouds suggest something more ominous on the horizon. The black and white photo carries the dark and ominous implication closer to reality. Identical pictures, two realities. Janice Edgin, Suzanne Richardson’s aunt

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