Segovia, Spain in Pictures

Segovia Aqueduct

The sun rises over Plaza Azoguejo, under the arches of the Roman Aqueduct. Built in the first century, the Aqueduct is constructed of granite blocks without the use of mortar.

Segovia, Spain

View of Segovia, with the impressive Cathedral at its center. The old town and aqueduct are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Calle Juan Bravo, Segovia

Calle Juan Bravo, the main pedestrian shopping street.

Plaza Mayor, Segovia

Plaza Mayor, the main square.

game of futbol, Plaza Mayor

Pick-up game of fĂștbol in Plaza Mayor.

Cathedral of Segovia, Spain

The Cathedral of Segovia lights up the night.

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  1. Janice Edgin

    Alisa, These photographs are even more beautiful than ever. You have become a most talented professional par excellence. Janice Edgin, Suzanne Richardson’s aunt

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